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I’ve seen it up close
You know it’s not a game
No matter what you chose
It’ll never be the same

I know if you would have been here
Close to me, near and around
I know you’d wipe every tear
And hold me when I fall to the ground

Like last night this night shall pass too
And many other to come
For we have to live and it’s true
Even with dreams broken and undone

My eyes are red and wet
While I lay in my bed
How will you pay the debt death?
Of love unfelt ,of words unsaid


Darkness Lifts His Hat


Tomorrow when you feel dull and sad
And when you feel you have lost it all
Just look back in time and you’ll know
How important it is to fall

Your first bicycle ride, you scratched you knees
And elbows and face full of mud
Would you ever learn to ride?
If you wouldn’t have fallen with a thud

When the first time you asked her for a date
And how she turned you down
If you wouldn’t have faced it then
You wouldn’t be with the love you found

For pain brings pleasure maybe a bit late
So watch out for the signs it brings
And for the mean while you could call it fate
And hear the nightingale sing

And when the dark clouds shall be gone
Tomorrow or maybe a little after that
And when all the light shall be shone
You’ll see darkness bowing and lifting his hat