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” In her passion a woman loves her lover,
In all others, all she loves is love.”
– Lord Byron

Yes you are in love

His presence makes you sane
His smile drives you insane
When near, your breathe rushes in a sway
When not around, it just fades away
Then yes, you are in love

Anything he speaks just makes you smile
You want him to stay, at least for a while
You are never free always occupied
By his thoughts; which you cannot hide
Then yes, you are in love

You feel you are getting prettier day by day
All about him is what you have to say
You love him around no matter what
In him you cannot find a single fault
Then yes, you are in love

Every-time when he compliment, you go scarlet
The night’s filled with light and all starlets
The smell in its faintest form delights
You relate with him everything, each thing in you sight
Then yes, you are in love