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Why Akhil Is One Of The Best Things That Happened To Me ?


The most important thing? Many many happy returns of the day.

Now the rest

We cannot divide people into two categories, the extroverts and the introverts. The reason why i am strictly against this categorization is the fact that I am one of those who lie in the grey between the two. The extroverts that are emotionally introverts. I apologize. But i am helpless.

The only good to this is that i cant write it down. Things that i feel and the best part is, i can escape the awkward phase in which i have to see their reaction. I think it’s a blessing to you too because my reaction on your reactions (given my super expressive face) only makes things worse.

Coming back. I could quote a million reasons why i found a wonderful person in you but here i try (try try try try) to sum it up (a bit)

You taught me that it was okay to be an outcast

I was different. I didn’t follow the popular culture. I didn’t crack popular jokes, i didn’t laugh at jokes which i didn’t find funny. I was the girl whose nose would rather be in her book than in anyone’s business which also turned out as a girl who was always disinterested in being friends with anyone and thought much of herself (wrong.)
But he taught me that it was okay to be what i am and i didn’t really had to sweat about this small silly stupid thing.

You taught me that it was sexy to be real

That i didn’t have to hide behind curtains. That to feel what i feel and to say what i feel isn’t a taboo but a blessing. I had never seen such a straightforward person. Maybe he didn’t know what he was thinking. Maybe there was no plan and no strategy behind all this but whatever came out of his mouth was true and real. Was something that he felt and that you and me or anyone at all didn’t have to worry about being judged in front of him.

That life goes on.

Yes maybe we face things others have not. Possibly we are different and we are learning. That shit couldn’t keep happening forever and the madness would eventually stop. That holding on to a feeling, a person or a situation will only hinder your progress and won’t fetch you anything better. Because he knew above the dark, the sun was rising.

That we need to break our own barriers

The biggest hurdle in our own happiness is us ourselves. We can overcome our shortcomings to become a better us and that in no way means that i have to be ashamed of the current me. In fact i should be proud of myself, at least i am trying. This indeed is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about him and i think this is one thing which is very important for all of us to learn. Something that radically changed my life.


I cannot remember having a friend with whom i could be myself to this level. I can share anything i want, anything i feel with him, without the fear of being judged. I could call him up 3 am in the night and i know he would be there for me. I know even if there is nothing he can do about my problems he would always listen intently, understand my situation and most importantly.. My feelings.

And if you have earned such a friend in your life, well done bro and if you haven’t, here is the standard set for you. This is how a friend should be, always making you a better person, always teaching you to move ahead.

Even if i don’t call you (Akhil) all the time, i might not text you everyday. But that i doesn’t mean. lala lalala i don’t know. You get it, right?  😀

Love you more. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

Your stupid friend



Ten Moments When Ashok K. Banker Came out DAMN AWESOME!

Well it so happened that over the past 5 years (as far as i remember about going to the bookstore Crossword near my place in Mumbai) I would always find this guy’s books and not read them. Well the reason why i always picked up his book and never read was that, my mother (being an excellent story teller, there are some stories in which by the end you’ll find yourself sobbing and teary) would often tell me these tales from epics. One of the reasons undeniably was my background as a Brahmin but primarily it was my love for stories and how i would imagine them to be. I had this fascination for them and i was always afraid that i might end up ruining my childhood love affair with them.

Well anyway off late (3 years possibly) i decided to start breaking cliques and read everything with an open mind. This has worked wonders for me although there are books i couldn’t really digest  (Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov)

I went to the railway wheeler, instead of finding ‘Banker’ the guy gave me ‘Bankerupt’ by Ravi Subrahmanian which indeed was a relish to read and i ended up reading all of his work. Anyway later when i finally found ‘The Ten Kings’ my book got stolen at a Barista outlet while i was trying to order a coffee. Yes it’s the only book i’ve ever lost (excluding the books people borrowed and never returned)

I had read maybe the first 50 pages and had certainly liked it. When i saw the Hyderabad Literary Fest page the only author i could recognize was Ashok K Banker (yes i am ashamed of this and have started reading Indian authors and i am certainly loving it). Well i thought who knows I’ll see him. It was only after the writers conversation session that i fell in love with him. How i wish there could have been a recording, you would have known exactly what i mean.

For everyone who doesn’t know him, here is my account.

When i entered the place, the venue i saw this guy (should i write with more respect? well let’s not get into that, he won’t be reading this) talking casually with a couple of people. I sat in the middle section of the hall and quietly waited for the session to begin. I have traveled for 2 hours, don’t you dare disappoint me!

This guy started and I. I fell in love. Here’s why :


Ten Moments When Ashok K. Banker Came out DAMN AWESOME! (excerpts)

1. When he said “I went looking out for stories that haven’t been told”

“Story telling, or story writing is like travelling in a time machine”

2. When he could laugh at himself and say “I am something you can call ‘An International Pav Bhaji’

Awww. How did you come up with that term? It’s as awesome as you.

3. When he came out confidently as a feminist and said “I wish I could have made my female characters more prominent and dominant”

4. When he couldn’t stop talking about beards and making us laugh but also pointing out the stereo types and having broken it “Let’s not forget that the epics have been written by long bearded old men who lived in forests.”

“I do not understand why people writing anything related to mythology have often been male Hindu Brahmins.”

5. When he said “I slip into the pages like Lewis Carol’s Alice” coming out as an avid reader


when he came out as an open minded reader and writer “It is the intent that matters. My intention is to tell a story. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments whatsoever.”

6. When he told why he considered himself as a historical fiction writer

“My books have been placed under different sections world wide. I have seen my books in the historical fiction section, mythological, crime and thriller and surprisingly also geography!”

“No matter how much fantasy or the author’s imagination has been put into it, there is some truth in it which distinguishes it from mythological fiction.”

7. When he expressed his thoughts about writing and had me all dreamy

“You have to want it. You have to be called by it”

“It has to grab you by the collar and say, ‘do me'” damn this joke he cracked, he was certainly expecting laughter! i laughed i swear 😀 

“A writer needs courage. I don’t write with a shot of whisky, i don’t take tea or coffee” reminded me of Elizabeth Gilbert saying “No this is not my age or time in life to be drinking gin 9 am in the morning.” oh. i love you both.

8. Cannot caption this one. Said with eloquence of a class, you have to read it!!!!!

“Words are imperfect and if we, believe in any larger power, God or the universe or whatever one would like to call it, should we not believe that he or she or it (damn he is so precise) couldn’t completely rely on these imperfect words. We have to understand their essence their heart without being ‘literal’. It is the spirit or the heart of the story that matters, not just the words or the clothing”

* fell in love *

9. Then this.

“The original tales have much more grey than they are credited for”

“I try to understand them (characters), I try to be their voice”

10. When he asked me if i wanted to take a selfie. i was just going to take an autograph, it is he who asked me if i wanted a personalized one and then he asked if i wanted a picture and then a selfie. What’s mesmerizing is not how he looks like, it’s the charisma, the projection of his aura and to tell you the truth, it’s his humility which wins your heart and makes him the hero.Reader, writer. Open minded, humanitarian. Simple, stupendous.

These are my notes, the ones i took while i witnessed the best 50 mins of the month. There might be some changes here and there. Bear with me sweethearts. :*

Simplicity: Simply Stupendous

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
― Leonardo da Vinci


How complicated is it to be simple in this complex hungry world which is ever ready to consume you as a whole so that no one even realizes that you ever existed? Trust me, its not simple.. I’v met at least more than 3000 people in my ever wandering wonderful 18 years 11 months and 22 year old journey.. Among these have been people whom i ended up detesting (my bad :\) but the numbers are few.. The modus operandi in trying to understand people is different for every other person but you might meet people with greatly overlapping thoughts and we end up keeping them in our good books…

My modus operandi is so far based on mathematically rational principles (i presume) which i try to relate with my principles about God, Love and Humanity the most important ones in my life which have always given me the strength to keep driving ahead on my ‘so far so adventurous’ journey of life..

Out of all the people i have met, the most astounding trait that i have found is that of simplicity.. Simplicity is not about being bland or dull or boring as it mind first strike your mind.. Its about being what you want to be but still being grounded.. About wholeheartedly accepting the fact that we all are humans and our goal ultimately is to evolve spiritually and make our soul worth the human body which we reside in.. although there are people who have completely forgotten this goal and are involved in boasting, insulting, competing foolishly, and creating menace in everyone’s lives the former have always won my heart.. From my teacher in high school to the man i accidentally bumped into on a long journey, from my revered father (who has always been in my heart and with me in spite of being away) to this guy whom i spoke to last night (now that’s a secret :D) I have been lucky enough to meet this section of simply stupendous people ! These are the hope givers!

So glad to meet them! I’m looking forward to meet more in this category! Are you one of them?


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When all the roads are blocked

And i seek no place to hide

My eyes sick and wrecked

I want her by my side

She sneaks in to my surprise

And greets me with a smile

Absorbing all my cries

I know she’s here for a while

She looks into my eyes

Starting a magnetic game

Beautiful is her soul

Nothing that you can tame

She hugs me for my sake

And getting into my being

I feel snow fall in flakes

I don’t need to speak a thing

She knows what i want

And she gives me all the love

I look at her and she flaunts

I wonder what motto does she serve

She’s playfully by my side

Her hair swaying in the air

All i look is in her face

So glad to feel her care