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You are a woman and it’s not a shame TO BE!

Lol. Provocative isn’t it? the heading?

In every walk of life you face it. The whole sexism thing is the sickliest that could ever have happened. Yes my dear, sexism is sickly, not being a woman!

I was blessed enough to be born in this family where we were always treated as equals. Me and my brother. In fact there are times when i feel my parents end up spending less on my brother and more on me!

The point which prevails is are we equals?

Yes! We are! We were created together and i sincerely doubt the greatest of all artists, the maker of universe, the giver of life, the architect the God as we call could have ever been narrow minded.

Anyway not getting into this whole thing ( i could write a god damn book and feel it’s still not enough) let us move ahead.

It is our responsibility to tell our daughters and wives and nieces and sisters and most importantly our friends that being a woman is nothing to be ashamed of.

People will try to pull you down, you might not be paid as must as your male colleagues, they will laugh at you, sometimes cat call at other times insult you and be certainly demeaning.


You cannot teach people a lesson by going to them and explaining them the whole thing. Lol. Seriously you thought of that? These people have gone to school and have read books, watched television and they are aware of what is right and what is wrong. The sad reality is that they CHOOSE  to be wrong. You cannot help someone who has chosen to be wrong.

Just because you like pizza, am i allowed to shove it down your throat? No? exactly. A woman likes sex but no one is calling to be eve teased or molested or raped.

What can you do?

  • If you feel it’s severe. Report to the police.
  • Tell your family so that they are aware of any trouble you’ve been in.
  • There’s nothing to be ashamed of being in trouble. Your family and friends know how the world is.
  • You need to feel sorry for people who are wrong. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF
  • There are good people in this world and there is still hope.
  • Don’t keep it in you and let it eat yourself up
  • You are not just a pretty face. You are not the small boobs, big ass or whatever they call you. No body is perfect and there is no prototype for perfect. There are examples of being inhuman, which are those people who DO NOT deserve your attention
  • They shouldn’t be the last thing you think of, before falling off to sleep.

You might be wondering how am i able to write precisely about it. Because i have felt it and gone through it. I know how it feels and i know that this is a very common thing. I have ruined my nights and i have exploited my days. But i have learnt how to live. I have grown out of it and i am not looking back. Never.