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” In her passion a woman loves her lover,
In all others, all she loves is love.”
– Lord Byron

Yes you are in love

His presence makes you sane
His smile drives you insane
When near, your breathe rushes in a sway
When not around, it just fades away
Then yes, you are in love

Anything he speaks just makes you smile
You want him to stay, at least for a while
You are never free always occupied
By his thoughts; which you cannot hide
Then yes, you are in love

You feel you are getting prettier day by day
All about him is what you have to say
You love him around no matter what
In him you cannot find a single fault
Then yes, you are in love

Every-time when he compliment, you go scarlet
The night’s filled with light and all starlets
The smell in its faintest form delights
You relate with him everything, each thing in you sight
Then yes, you are in love


Ridiculous wants!!


Unbelievably things are so contradicting!! at one point of time you feel you won the world and the very next moment you realize you are nothing and you are worth nothing are so complicated… and love… we all are born to love each other… but are we loving each other??!! we all are born to help each other! Are we doing that?! Everyday there are millions of people facing the worst of what life can give.. actually billions of them… there are so many people who lose all hope to survive… so many people suffering from intense depression… 

I know I’m just a baby (I’m 18) but I want to love everyone! I want to make this world a better place to live! I want everyone to feel that their life is a boon to grow spiritually and not something that gives pain! I want everyone to believe in the religion of humanity, to believe in the brotherhood of this world.. I want to help (in spite of the fact that I myself need help: p) I want to wipe those tears of hatred and plant trees of love that give fruits of freedom and smiles! I believe in no religion which initially was god’s message which was further manipulated by power thirsty devils! I want all of us to be together in our thick and thin.. my world where all are respected and valued for the deeds they do… where there is no stupid distinction of any sort… where everyone gets equal rights… when I could stand in any part of the world and claim that I am a citizen of that place as I am a citizen of our planet..Mother Earth… dreams.. How ridiculous they are!! But I wish some of them come true someday!! 😀

The world of my dreams…


I dream of the world which deep inside
Respects and smiles at the rules they abide
The rules of our souls, the rules of our heart
The one which says we are one, and never pull us apart

I dream of those smiles that come from inside
From the purity of our mind, leaving enmity aside
The enmity between nations, the enmity between kin
Those which make us sad, the cause of all sin

I dream of the laughter which bursts from inside
From the fullness of our mind, where beauty resides
The beauty of our thoughts, the beauty of our eyes
The eyes which speak the truth whether smiles or sighs

I dream of those tears that came from inside
From the pain in our being, which helps us decide
The decision that proves what we are, the decision that decides who we are
For the pain of our fellow being, whether or not at par

I dream of my world which shall become one someday
Undivided my national boundaries , as also those of religion you may say
And we shall follow the religion of hearts, and also the religion of humanity
Where all we do is being friends and facing all troubles in unity