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My city in rains


The time has come when my city (the city where i was born – MUMBAI) is ready to welcome the monsoon rains!! It so happened that i woke up from my short uneventful nap in the evening only to see the canvas of our world colored in one of its most magnificent ways! Ahhh…  I lost my heart to this maestro.. the king of all arts! The moment i came into the veranda i see children of our building smiling , laughing, jumping in excitement welcoming the love of our childhood! the RAINY SEASON!

But let me tell you.. there are people hating my love because they find it “tacky,messy, irritating”
for these fools i feel really sorry! It’s ironical to know that people of mature ages behave in such a naive way and fail to  understand the importance and beauty of this natural phenomenon whose very essence is the reason for life on our blue planet! and children who are so naive (supposedly) are sweet enough to acknowledge the importance of this life giving fluid!!

What are drops? Do you know what they mean?
You live with them, they live in every scene
They are around always and everywhere
A million times you see the, about them you care

The glittering one’s in the eyes of a mother
Whose son won accolades from the world that bothers
The bulky one’s in the eyes of a wife
Whose husband is going on the border for a strife

The cute one’s in the eyes of a daughter
Whose father bought her a surprise gift
The sweet one’s in the eyes of a sister
Whose brother for her, with this friends took a rift

The heavy one’s in the eyes of a farmer
Whose son took a house as a gift of his father’s retirement
The sulking and guilty one’s in the eyes of a partner
Whose boy was ready to accept her after all the betrayal and harassment

The small drops that speak a lot
When they leave a trail on our cheek
Sometimes sad or happy or nostalgic when you are caught
A very important place in us they seek

But the best one’ are the drops from the heaven
They wash our eyes, our soul, our heart
Can you count the? one two six or seven? 😀
The least of them gives us a hope, a new start

Don’t hide in your houses or under some shade
Come out of the shell and feel them
Slowly seeping in the pores, before goodbye they bade
Get drenched like the weeds. the flowers and the stem

They will go in you and tickle you soul
Thy will ask you to get up and let you fly
And if you listen to them you’ll reach your goal
And then listen to your heart that wants to get high
get high for the drops… the drops from the heaven……