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On arranged marriages

You talk of marriage like you talk of going to a park
I dress my best hoping for sunshine and the fragrance of geraniums
I think of hopping around and the swaying of my body on the swing
I dream of the song of birds, the smell of the earth
I hope a butterfly will come flapping to rest on my shoulder

You talk of marriage like you talk of going to a park
Forgetting that it rains and the sun goes out
Forgetting that swings break but life goes on
The birds they fly away, the earth dries up
The butterflies don’t adorn worn out flowers

You talk of marriage like you talk of going to a park
As if it’s something that’ll solve every problem
As if it’s what life truly is for
As if I will suddenly know why my heart beats the way it does
And I’ll know all the secrets it has hidden from me for so long

You talk of marriage like you talk of going to a park
When everywhere around me they only fall apart
You told me stories of my prince in shining armour forbidding him his humanity
And I must choose mine from a stack of pictures on the basis of his vanity
What happens when I know that the prince like me is in need of an armour


A 19 year old’s view of how kindness and empathy are our strongest weapons in the fight against mental health problems.

Guest post by Himanshu Pande

A lot of things recently hit my mind when the topic about ‘Depression’ ‘Suicide’ or ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ was brought upon. To be vulnerably honest I myself am Depressed and Suicidal and I find it really hard to talk to someone about it for several reasons. Today, when I woke up in the morning, I read about the tragic death of Chester Bennington(Linkin Park Lead Vocalist) and I was devastated and heartbroken and as I was reading the posts on social media I found some very unpleasantly rough comments about people committing suicide which stated that suicide is ‘Cowardly’ and ‘People with depression need to get over it and not destroy others lives by killing themselves.’ 

I first would like to put forth the fact that depression is not just the matter of feeling sad and being suicidal is not something that just comes up out of the blue. In my experience it is years of pain and personal struggle that puts a person in a situation he can’t run from. For most, suicide is the way of ending the pain they feel and it’s understandable that it is a Permanent action to a temporary problem, but why should anyone call it an act of cowards? Taking your own life is an act of cowards? Are you kidding me? “Suicide is Cowardly” inspires shame and it does not really make sense, most people fear death and I’m not trying to call suicide brave or courageous but overcoming the fear of death does not strike me as cowardly. It only means that the pain incurred by the disease inspires the need to relieve onself which is stronger than the fear of death. That only explains the gravity of the situation, the need for desperate measures to be taken to help people going through this life threatening disease that so easily gets camoflauged in everyday life. 

There are ways in which we can help the ones feeling that way but sometimes the message goes in the wrong direction. “I want to kill myself “ these five words are a shock to hear and a dreadful pronouncement from a person you don’t want to lose and leaves you with the question “How could they want to die?” Calling it an act of cowards or telling them that “Things could be worse” doesn’t help at all. It only leaves them in a more difficult position. Any emotional thought can come to you and as we all are humans over here we can feel betrayed, angry, lost, sad, hurt, but we can’t control the emotions flowing in our heads. What a person can control is his action and response towards a certain activity. If someone discloses you that they are suicidal and you think you really want to help, please ask yourself the question ‘How should I help him without causing any harm to his mind?’ and then go for it. If you really think that you want to make people stop thinking about suicide the quintessential thing is to stop making people feel bad about them, stop the ruthless act of bullying or body shaming. 

If you care about someone let them know that you’re there for them whether depressed or not.

Depression or suicidal thoughts don’t look for a person’s status and can happen to anyone. If by any chance you think that the jokes you make or the friendly insults you sue for your friends and other loved ones is hurting them in some way, please stop using them. Depression doesn’t discriminate. If you care about someone let them know that you’re there for them whether depressed or not. Be kind to every person you know because it is necessary. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the world which in some years might end up as the leading cause. What does it take to be a nice person? Nothing. Even if you’re not in touch with someone you care let them know that you’re there for them and trust me nothing is better than hearing these words from a person you care for. 

Mental health has to be taken more seriously

Make every day a Mental Health Day and change the way you look at a person suffering from a mental health disorder. Lend a helping hand and stop the reckless acts of discrimination and bullying. Stop insulting people for the things they don’t have a remind them in pleasant way of all the good things they have. Take some action against these bullies who take Mental Health Disorders as a joke or as a disease that doesn’t matter and more importantly fight for yourself and the ones you love and rise. Let this message go viral and reach every corner of the world that mental health has to be taken more seriously.