Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Curse

I wish I knew better but I don’t 

Nothing can change it now 

I love you and that makes the world go round 

I love you and that’s what each of my breath means 

I love you like a loner loves the moon but only less grand because I could’ve had you 

I love you, you could be the tide to my sea but you ran away, would the tides give up on the sea? 

You pretend like you’ve got the best of both world’s and I’m over here trying

Trying so hard to make you feel good for the decisions you’ve made!

But why my dear why do I try so hard even when these words that I write here will be seen by all but you 

Why do I try so hard

 Why when I hear your voice I wanna help you and not curse you for deserting me 

Because I love you but isn’t that punishment of the dreamer,

The loner,

To see the sun rise alone, when you’re not by my side