Monthly Archives: August 2016


And no matter how much I cry sometimes the memory refuse to fade, the ache refuses to die 

A million tears I’ve cried and I shall cry all my life 

Regret is the most painful of all wounds for it never heals completely 

And every once in a while someone touches that part of your heart and the wound comes to life again 

Throbs and hurts as if someone’s pinching it ruthlessly 

Never heals. All we have is our tears, at least that nobody can steal from me

There’s a reason why the bluebird is caged in my heart

To not love was my mistake, to hold back was my folly but today I’m tempted to do the same 

I’m afraid of love because I know how much it can hurt 

I’m afraid of care because I know it’s absence shall haunt me 

Where do I go? What shall I do? Why not write these words down. It’s truly said the worst poetry comes out of a feeling heart. 

And while I write these down and my tears blur the ink, knowing one day you’ll love me and I hope it won’t be too late by then. 

I hope I won’t have given up by then and strangled the bluebird in my heart