Loneliness And Fear – IV

Some nights like this I can’t sleep
Squeeze my eyes shut let tears fall
I feel like I’m falling in a dungeon deep
I know I can’t run so I try to crawl

Some nights like this the silence kills
I know I’m trouble, I have nothing to give
I feel like I’m standing on top of a hill
I want relief but because of you I want to live

Some nights like this my soul aches
Another night with a heavy black heart
Maybe I don’t have what it takes
A moment later I might fall apart

Some nights like this are full of gloom
I know I disappoint you but I never wanted to
My heart is full of love but my brain’s towards it’s doom
I want to fix myself but I don’t know what to do

Every night like this has passed
And this shall pass too
I do feel broken and scarred
But with all my pieces I shall love you


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