Monthly Archives: April 2016


It crept inside my soul as I woke up
By the time I opened my eyes it was gone
I ran and closed the windows so I could scream
And cried bitterly as I waited for the dawn

It took away from me something dear to me
Something I thought I could never lose
I searched the chests of my mind that night
Not knowing why it was me that it had to choose

As the grey clouds hovered over the hillside
And mothers rushed their children back inside
I stood there to feel the needles pierce me
Those who don’t feel need no place to hide

The only thing I felt is the lack of feeling I told people and they told me I was insane
I sat baffled under the trees and held them tight
For I knew I’d have to walk down the memory lane

In every direction I went determined to find it
I didn’t care how far it could’ve gone
Thought I’d change it thought I’d save
My mind an empty canvas my heart a sad song


Loneliness And Fear – IV

Some nights like this I can’t sleep
Squeeze my eyes shut let tears fall
I feel like I’m falling in a dungeon deep
I know I can’t run so I try to crawl

Some nights like this the silence kills
I know I’m trouble, I have nothing to give
I feel like I’m standing on top of a hill
I want relief but because of you I want to live

Some nights like this my soul aches
Another night with a heavy black heart
Maybe I don’t have what it takes
A moment later I might fall apart

Some nights like this are full of gloom
I know I disappoint you but I never wanted to
My heart is full of love but my brain’s towards it’s doom
I want to fix myself but I don’t know what to do

Every night like this has passed
And this shall pass too
I do feel broken and scarred
But with all my pieces I shall love you