I’ve fallen for the echoes of the voices in my head
The remnants of a dream I’ve been trying to forget
Pain is a sentiment necessary to the heart
Those who dare to love must be ready to fall apart

Like yesterday, today is dull with longing
You promised you’d stay but I wouldn’t know if you were lying
False promises of a false hope but you don’t know where this leads
Worlds are burnt to the ground when a genuine heart bleeds

I’ve lost too much now to be scared of losing
I’m my own anchor and my heart I’m holding
I’m my own sails, I’m not afraid of getting lost
Those who’re cold inside aren’t afraid of the frost

Why did you call me from the dungeon of my thoughts?
Only to remind of the wars that I’ve fought?
Of the ugly scars they’ve left forever in my soul
Nobody chooses pain, to walk on burning coal


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