A letter from a friend


A writer’s pen is like a photographer’s picture, only more elaborate for it ceases not just a moment but those yet to come, those that may or may not come true and those that give you the hope to keep living. So being a writer’s friend you are on paper, just more real than everyone else and a little more imaginary and fantastical, for you now are a plethora of hopes for someone.

Now, when people ask me who I am ( which is what I identify myself as) I often tell them I’m a student. There’s an infinite amount of knowledge scattered all over the world, I couldn’t stop being a student even if I wanted to. Like Lord Byron, I do believe that only so much can be learnt from books. The real things are learnt in the school of life and life indeed is the most disciplined of all teachers.

So the other day I received a letter from a friend. From whatever memory I have of the past, this friend of mine was always looked upon as the most cold and reserved person. His personality reflects his candid nature. You know if you want an honest opinion about something you might want to ask him. If you wanted to take a pragmatic decision, he’s the best one to ask suggestions from. For some reason, it had always been beyond me that someone could ever be so cold and indifferent the way he comes out to everyone. Somewhere in my heart I have always known that it might be true that some people feel things more deeply than others but it’s rather impossible to feel nothing at all.

When I read the letter I realised how wrong a lot of our friends had been all these years. How insane it is, the fact that being strong sometimes means you have no one around to care for you. Everyone needs care. Everyone deserves it.

I think when the coldest of all hearts break, it hurts the most. And because you as their friend have never faced this before you just don’t know how to help them heal. And you just can’t wait and watch them hurt. It’s a terrible place to be in, both ways.

It is only after reading the letter I realised how much lack of love the world has. How many problems would be solved if people were blatantly honest the way my friend is. Life’s gonna be beautiful only if we keep changing our perspective on it. Looking at it in the same direction, the way a horse looks at the finishing point, might help you end the race. Even win it. But you’re surely gonna miss a lot of the journey, the most beautiful parts of it.

To be cared for is beautiful but to care for someone selflessly is the most gratifying feeling in the world. To be cared for gives your courage but to care for someone shows you the strength you never knew you had.

I read the letter from the balcony of my apartment that has a serene view of a lake, of the busy streets of my city and of an unending pair of railway tracks. It felt like the city stood still for a moment and the wind that ruffled my hair told me, that perhaps it’s not all that bad to love with all your heart and live with all your guts, if only you try to look at things with a perspective a little different than yours.


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