Will you come back?

I stretched my hand in the middle of the night
Only to feel the cold sheets on your side of the bed
Only to feel a pang of anxiety you feel on losing something dear
Where have you gone, near or far away?
Do you dream of me the way I dream of you,
The way I keep my hopeful eyes on the door,
The way my finger tips trace my face searching the marks of your touch?

I sit by the window, my forehead touching my knees
I stand on terrace searching through the street hoping to see you waving at me
I walk in the rain that chills me to my bones,
To feel something other than the pain you’ve left me

I thought of jotting all my questions down
The ink stains my fingers while my tears blur the ink
Yet another night is about to pass
Come before the sun comes up to burn my hopes

Longing lingers longer than it should
The night is endless the fight to forget you unfruitful
How do I know if I must move on
Or if you will come back to my aching heart?


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