Sometimes I feel like I’m lost
I can’t find the right music on my phone
A song that might lull me back to sleep
Before I find it, your thoughts creep in
And I’m awake, I’m scared

Sometimes I laugh even when I don’t mean it
I paint it on me as if I were a mannequin
I’m confused, I don’t know where to go
I know I can’t let the world know
So I laugh, through my melancholy

Sometimes I want to cry but just can’t
My tears fight with me, they’ve been trained to hide
They’re stubborn, they won’t let go
The same way I can’t let you go
Hence I stare, unblinkingly watch the ceiling

Sometimes I’m happy and I don’t know why
I feel that you’re here, I feel your love
I’m at peace, I’m contended
I don’t feel like a part of me is missing
And I paint the world in my own colours

How strange is mankind, this is what I feel sometimes
Searching happiness outside of us
Even when we know that it lies inside
Nobody will hurt you as much as you will hurt yourself


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