Loneliness and fear III


As I wander in my mind to the part where you stay
The remnants of your scent now a little mixed with my own
They’re as they had always been, moist with tears as I cry
For today I can’t find the warmth, which you left there last night

You’re the place I seek shelter in when I feel broken and scarred
You’re the music that holds me when my soul’s falling apart
On senseless days like these I need to reach out to you
And touch you to know you’re real, touch you to know you’re true

I stretched my hand tonight and felt that you’re not there
Scared I woke up from my bed and out of the window stared
Doubting if I’ve been fooled again, doubting if I’m lost
Fumbling through stones is easier, through feelings it’s hard

What do I have in my hands but the ashes of yesterday’s pain
They feel like they’re real, like they had never gone away
I close my eyes and shut them tight and hold my heart and pray
That tonight’s just a nightmare and it will pass away


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