Why Date Someone Who Travels?

So yeah i know, i know the title sounds sort of chic. It could’ve been “Why Marry A Man Who Travels?” but whatever i get to choose just one title! Deal with it!

I generally meet a lot of people who have ‘travelling’ on their mind. Like if you ask them what they would really want to do in life and at some point they’d mention it. So it ranges from ‘I wanna skydive’, ‘Climb mountains’ or even ‘World Tour’. But eventually what really happens is that they get ‘caught up’ in life and give up on what they so wanted to do. Nevertheless there are some people who make it. Of course they do. I know a couple of people , no no not vagabonds and rich crazy brats but independent people who travel and live the dream. So here’s why i think you must totally give it a try.

1. They understand finances better than anyone.


Someone who travels knows the real value of money. Yes, it’s their passion of meeting new people and visiting new places that makes them travel but you have to keep in mind that money fuels travelling. Therefore, they value your money, which also implies that they value your time, which also implies that they value your presence in their life because let’s be real, time’s short.

2. They are open minded. 


Language changes at every 10 km in India which means that cultural ideas and opinions change at a similar rate. Whether it’s inside the country or abroad exposure to new ideas and opinions helps us come out of the cliches and the walls that living at one place in a particular society surrounds us with. This man or woman understands that it is human to be different and hence they find it easier to accept you with whatever the hell humanly flaws you got.

3. They appreciate your need for space.


Travelling like writing is a personal thing. You might travel with a bunch of people, but what you feel is totally yours, you might jot it down in a journal or try to capture it in pictures but nothing really seems to convey how you feel exactly at that particular moment. What we fail to understand about travelers is that it isn’t only about the beauty of the places one visits, it’s a sense of freedom, a sense of breaking boundaries that comes with travelling. And this is exactly what makes travelling as beautiful as it is. Once you reach this state, you want your better half to feel the same, to push the boundaries we create in our own head.

4. They give more meaningful gifts. 


Okay this one’s girly but hey! we all like gifts don’t we? It isn’t about expensive gifts, it’s about meaningful ones. This man/woman will give you something that is close to them, something that has made them feel something special. It could be a beautiful feather, a unique seashell or anything as random as that. They always give you something you’d want to cherish, something you’d look at when they’re away or when you are upset.

5. They have something to say


Their box of stories is literally bursting out since they meet several people and do several different things on their trips. Listening to their stories and looking at pictures taken is a much better way of spending time together than many other things people generally do. Also, even if they are not talking or telling you something, their silence doesn’t hurt because silence means something to them, they tend to make it comfortable and peaceful.

I was completely unaware of this aspect of travelling, the spiritual aspect until i read “Invisible Cities’ by my favorite Italian author Italo Calvino. Here Calvino describes various beautiful constructs of cities to the King, all the while describing Venice. The book talks about amusements of travelling and how travelling helps us look at life in a completely different perspective. Well yes this is why i think it’s an amazing thing to befriend/date/marry someone who travels. Go ahead!


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