Monthly Archives: June 2015

Things hard to explain II

But it’s filling me up and what else can I do than let it fill me
I’m helpless at it’s mercy and it’s carving it’s viciousness in my soul
It was yesterday when I was laughing but it feels like it’s been ages

It’s insidious glare is on me all the time
I know it’s present with it’s claws ready to pounce
But I know it’s a player it won’t strike when I’m prepared
It strikes when I’m vulnerable, drinking in what’s left, leaving me wasted

Again I’m there from where I thought I had risen
Again it pulled me up, threw me down, why am I so helpless
For those who never felt it, I believe are lucky
But those who have will know. That this isn’t a joke


Things hard to explain.

People say perhaps it is the middle of the night
When thoughts in voids like blankets of fur
Surround us in their captivity without the warmth
And you lay there in the darkness of your own thoughts

But for me it doesn’t happen the same way
Voids of despair breakout any time of the day
At one time she is sunshine and the next moment she is rain
This girl, they say, is hard to explain

Hovering clouds of darkness like the ache from a nightmare
Consistent it leaves me inconsolable to my own self
Withers away in a jiffy and I lie on my back
Gaze at the ceiling trying to know what it all means

Words they say are inadequate very often
But the webs of these words describe the best how I feel
They confuse us, the make us sad
They hurt us but it’s only they who relieve us