10 things to do rather than having your nose in someone else’s business

I know this might be a hell lot rad and a bit rude. So people pleasers and ass-lickers can stay away or proceed ahead at their own risk.

Well the world is full of people and some people are full of shit. The reason why i say this is, the people who ‘suffer’ from this nose poking by others are often people who always mind their own business (because they do have one) and find it mean and obnoxious of others to be so much interested in their life instead of focusing on their own.

Here’s the thing, there is a lot of grey into this.. Let’s try to figure this out in the simplest way possible

Two categories

1. Nose pokers

2. Non Nose pokers

Now there are two categories for the first one

1. The non nose pokers that are sometimes nose pokers because they’re just being naughty or out of curiosity

2. Nose poker, is nose poker, always nose poker, will break it’s nose but will somehow always find a way into your business poking it’s. i don’t know, plastic nose, eh?

Non Nose pokers have the following categories:

1. Never poked a damn nose anywhere at all. This is a rare species and the society is generally not fond of these people. Partly because a major part of our society is seeking attention all the time (but will still complain) These are wonderful people. We love them.

2. Nose pokers converted into non nose pokers. These people are going to heaven.


Coming back. If you want to be such a convert you may:

1. Focus on procrastinated chores and activities.

2. Learn a musical instrument.

3. Adopt a stray animal and take care of it.

4. Read a book

5. Write a book

6. Learn baking and cooking.

7. Meditate.

8. Ask yourself. Do i really need to be so stupid?

9. Clean your room.

10. Go help your mom, you douche.

Jokes apart. I don’t mean to say that people who take interest in other people are bad. We are humans and that’s how we bond. All i mean to say is intention matters. It always does.


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