Ramblings of the misunderstood

I do believe that earth, at it’s brilliance is the human race and that we aren’t perfect but perfect enough to not only survive but metaphorically be the rulers and conquerors of those that are way more stronger than us. But it cannot be denied that our body and mind, at it’s best also has flaws and incapability. Coming to the point, no matter how efficient you think you are, a lot is lost between thinking and conveying. The things that are lost are the things we wish we knew because the absence of these things is exactly why misunderstandings occur.


I am not sure how far this is true but some of us seem to be more unfortunate than the others. We speak louder, clearer, try to be more efficient than we have ever been. We repeat ourselves, are more expressive in showing affection and concern. We are the light bearers. We initiate negotiation, try to clear things up. We consider others’ feelings above our own because we are constantly convinced by our conscience to do so.

This is the category of people who have been through the bad side of life, are well aware of how bad things can get and most importantly don’t want anyone at all to suffer the same way they did.

The funny thing is these people are misunderstood easily. In a world like this why would anyone be good to anyone! People are suspicious, sometimes too immature to understand the motive behind this person’s good behavior and at other times this person is tagged as a people-pleaser and left alone.

There is a limit to which someone would bare things. A human limit to which someone tries to be human. A wound often covers itself with a tough cuticle to protect itself, so does a wounded heart. Constantly being misunderstood does that to people.

So anyone who seems distantly cold and uninterested may not necessarily be a cold person. Life’s a bitch. And perfection is a lie. Illusion is the truth.


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