The truth behind silence

There was a time when silence used to intimidate me. It made me feel like I was missing on something really important. It made me feel like there was silence because people were upset because of me. And if not, because of some reason and it was my duty to make it up to them. These ideas didn’t really make sense and this is when I realised I needed to find something.


One of the reasons why silence felt so intimidating is because of the society’s idea of silence. Dark and lethal. It is only later I found out that silence isn’t absent at all.. It is perhaps the air that fills our world and our minds. And that sometimes, yes it portrays negativity and sadness.

The silence that’s before a storm is overwhelming but the silence following it is devastating. This devastating silence is what I felt multiple times in my childhood and in my teenage. This scarred silence for me. I didn’t want anyone to face things. I wanted people to know that I was there.. I was there with them and that they were not alone in taking these blows that life had assigned them. 


It’s only later I realised that silence isn’t so much of a bad thing. Some fights are to be fought in silence and all we can do is wait in silence. Patiently and modestly by their side. The silence that fills a broken heart is also the silence that fills a well stacked library. It is on us to how we deal with it and it’s deafening roar. Not so deafening perhaps.


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