My Blog’s 3rd Anniversary!!

I can’t believe this is happening. Three years have passed and all i feel is i have grown out of things, out of people and out of memories. I feel proud of myself for not giving up and i am most grateful to all my friends, my family and my followers who have encouraged me to write. We write, because how else would we remove a zillion thoughts that are always capturing our mind. We write because writing heals and sometimes in this world that only shouts, it’s the ink that actually listens. My ability to write my feelings down has made it easier for me to connect with people on a deeper level, has given me friendships that i value and love that i has always craved for.


I’m sure my father would have been proud of me, my grandfather would have encouraged me and now that their soul rests in peace, i hope some angel shall convey my message to them,that it’s their love that has been my strength and that has given me the reason to live.I hope this continues for ever. I hope i write better and stronger. And i believe that words can really change the world. My words have been my voice, and i pray that they will never fail me. Loads of love.




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