What if

Valentine’s Day is on the corner and you got nobody. Calm the f down. All of us are in the same boat.


I really don’t know about you but ‘I’ have been single since forever and trust me, although i use this ‘i am so damn single’ thing to crack jokes and make people laugh, i certainly am not ashamed of it.

Yes yes yes. It’s the same old story. Better be alone than with the wrong person. Maybe I’m not ready for it. It’s too much of an ordeal and pressure. Ain’t nobody got time fellas (Last one, God damn excuse i know *winks*)

The kinds of couples these days make you feel like ‘Uhh No! It’s tacky and a big no no!’ But anyway if all of us really found someone who could sweep us off our feet I’m sure we’d do it “Why the f not!”

Then. What if. What if you found someone.


No. There’s no background violins playing, no f-ing DDLJ SRK on the guitar. But someone who understands you. Someone who is like. Let’s focus on making the most of this opportunity called life. Someone who is not thinking about asking you out, or getting you laid.  Someone who craves happiness and believes that you could be a part of his. That is what we need. Someone who can be happy in our presence.


Someone who’ll take you to weird and crazy places. He doesn’t have to take you on dates, he doesn’t have to ‘please’ you. He let’s you be yourself, helps you be yourself!  That’s what we want. Exactly what we want. And if you haven’t got that. Stfu and chill with your friends! Or ping me! Valentine’s Day is stay home in pajamas day for me! 😀



Mr. Darcy is there somewhere and the magic is yet to happen. Be yourself. Let’s be worth Mr. Darcy. If you know what i mean.


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