No, I don’t hate men. Yes I’m a feminist.

Yes I’m a feminist. No i don’t hate men.

I had to write it. Not only because i had almost offended (unintentionally) a couple of people but also that i always wanted the world to know this.

Well of course abla naari (helpless woman) is an image that has been stuck to the fairer sex of the society since forever. Whether painters or writers, doctors or mathematicians, women in the ancient times had been suppressed, had not given opportunities and if at all they dared to come ahead were condemned with great public opinion. I still end up meeting a lot of people who tell me similar things,people who are mean, inhuman and ignorant, who are as ancient as those stories, which is unfortunate and i’d really pray for them.

As responsible women we try to endorse or encourage the idea of a confident woman. Yes we do. But that in no way implies that we are trying to, as some people might ridiculously call it ‘compete’ with men.

There is no competition. The union of both male and female is responsible for the world that exists today, is proof of the fact that we aren’t competitors, we are here to be together. That is what feminism is all about.

The first time i ever met a feminist was my English teacher, whom i’m more than grateful to, for so many things she has done to me and is unaware of. Yes she told me i didn’t have to give up but at the same time was the one who made a much more open minded person.

My father, isn’t my hero. No i wouldn’t call him a hero. He is God to me. I have no idea what exists above but if it someone. I hear a male voice. I feel his presence when i feel His.

My brother, my first love. The first time i ever wanted to protect something, it was my brother. He looked up on me. He loved me and wanted me around. I’d be the hero for him no matter what the world said. No matter how many times i failed. I was still the hero. I still am. This is what love is, if at all it exists in the face of the earth.

My best friends, my support. Two people who come from two completely different worlds but people who have stood by me. Whether the weather was warm or stormy. Nothing mattered. I have cried my heart, i have laughed my lungs out. I have felt at home whenever i was with them. They are men.

Well I’m yet to fall in love but i completely leave it for the time to come.

Whether it is Robin Williams or G. H. Hardy. Inspiration occurs without keeping in mind the sex of the people who inspire us. If Jane Austen would have been a man, I would have loved her as much. Maybe a bit more who knows (winks)

What i mean to say is. Friendship and love are two things that won’t care about your gender. (i don’t know if this is the stupidest sentence ever made but it makes complete sense)

Equality. Is. What. We. Need.


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