The Girl In Red Heels XI

We sat facing each other on the coffee table in my apartment. As i gave her a mug, the dark brown coffee table, the white mug and her blood red nail paint, one hand curled around the mug and the other softly tapping the table, she wasn’t at peace.

” Now what.. ” she said softly, lowering her lashes again

“Now we need to figure something out, you shouldn’t have done what you did”

“Don’t give me all this, you get it!!” She started with aggression and as her voice became brittle, fresh tears came into her eyes.

What did I just do! Kill me!!! I felt goosebumps. She was hurt. Impulsive as it was, I instantly went next her and sat, her hands on mine. She was trying to blink her tears away.


She raised her gaze at me and in a moment there she was in my arms as she sobbed harder than I had ever heard. Her cry was unforgettable, inconsolable. There she was at my shoulder weeping, and I couldn’t do anything. She didn’t mean anything to me. I didn’t know her at all. But the pain, the pain was familiar. Although I had never been through things at that moment I just knew, just knew what she was feeling. She melted in my arms and wept aa she was almost on my lap. I felt so helpless. Maybe she needs to cry and vent it out. It isn’t that she isn’t strong. But at this moment she was like a beautiful flower that someone had crush with their heel. She had not lost herself but she was in pain and the ones who had probably caused it were completely unaware of it.



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