The Girl In Red Heels X

We ate silently. Every morsel that I ate almost ached in the throat. I knew this girl was in a lot of trouble and I felt helpless. At the same time I felt so grateful. I had lesser problems and my family was just perfect.

As we finished with lunch.

“I’ll pay”
“Don’t piss me off now”
“You’ve taken too much trouble for me”
“I’m your friend” ouch! Unwanted stuff!

She smiled. Oh my god!!!!! There is a certain pleasure in seeing sad people happy. Broken but beautiful and can certainly be mended.

She let me pay. We came out of the restaurant and sat in the car. I held the steering wheel. Now what? Where do we go ?

I looked at her. She gave me this blank face. Whenever I looked at her, I never felt any sympathy. It felt like I knew she is a fighter, that she has something in her, a flame that needs to be fanned. Her face never lied. She wasn’t hiding, she tried to run away.

“Let’s go home and have some coffee. Then we’ll decide what is to be done”

“Sounds fine to me.”

I smiled at her. It just felt like we were friends since a long time.



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