The Girl In Red Heels VIII

She sat on the front seat as i drove swiftly through the mild traffic. Sundays have always been my favorite day out, specially afternoons.. She looked so normal as if nothing had happened at all. We see a lot of people, meet a lot of them but we never know what is going on with them , what they are going through and when the darkest moment of their lives shall come when they might want to give up on the gift of life.

Tatiana was lucky that someone found her, i found her. Not everyone is. I was lost in the maze of my own thoughts when she finally broke the silence.

“Ummm.. I forgot your name”

“Zeeshan” Darn you!

“Hehe. So what do you do Zeeshan?”

“I work as a bank manager.”

“That’s cool! I don’t work at all”

“But you had once told me you work for your father!”

“I was fired”

“Did you just say you got fired from your father’s office”

“Yes. Actually my mom feels I am misleading the company’s goals and i am not someone from the 21st century so. I was fired”

“Why would your mom feel that way?”

“That is how step moms are, they can feel whatever they want. They make up things you know!”

“Well that’s crazy. ”

“It is indeed.”

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