The Girl In Red Heels IX

As we sat facing each other in my favorite restaurant, it felt like i knew her since a long long time. I felt friendship i had never felt before. Although my case was completely different, i had a very loving family since always, nothing was even close to her situation, i felt like i understood her and her pain. I didn’t want to sympathize, I wanted to give strength.

She ordered food like she was hungry since forever. After the waiter had gone she looked at me and smiled.

“I’ve got you a lot of trouble”

“You haven’t, you almost got yourself a lot of it. Thank goodness it didn’t happen that way”

“Thank you”

“Hahaha. I will not welcome. I don’t want to see that ever again”

She smiled faintly. I had to make conversation.

“So.. ”

“Well my dad is the founder of Singhania Group Of Industries”

“Ah huh”

“We have various branches and we employ over five thousand people. My father and my mother worked really hard to make it what it became. She passed away when I was born. For years me and dad were together until he got married to this woman who turned the tides against me. I had been fighting for my place and principles. My goal was that every employee must be satisfied and only then shall we able to satisfy our audiences. We did a lot of charity and fund raising too. But now that’s all gone”

“But why? Were you in loss?”

“No. She thinks it’s a waste of time and energy to invest into such things. She chucked me out of the house. She says it’s important for independence. I am independent, i have my own ideas and earn my share. She just wanted my dad and i to be on different ways it feels.”

“This is awful” We got soup on the table. She drank with great delight. I could see her face lighten up with every sip.

“And you thought ending your life would end your misery?”

“You have no clue about my misery” She said as she licked her last sip. I was dumbstruck.

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