Heartbroken? All Of Us Are!

Who knew falling for someone was so easy. To like them for what they are.. It isn’t really difficult you see.. And once we fall there is no coming back. We want them around all the time. Everything they do is justified and correct , often adorable.


But the truth is many a times, it isn’t love it’s a habit. If it’s love it will raise you high. If it’s love it will help you grow but if that doesn’t, it isn’t love sweetheart it is just a bad habit, something you really need to get rid of.


And if it’s love then it’ll give you strength. To let go. To let them be what they want to. To let them breathe. Be themselves

It is love that men live by .
Leo Tolstoy

You know what is the most adorable thing, someone who is in love. You can’t just stop admiring them. They have a charisma of their own. An undefeatable charm, beauty is pure. We feel that and that is what we want to be.. We crave being in love more than we crave being loved. 


And then this happens. We start settling for things we shouldn’t be giving in to and clinging to relationships that our destroying you every second. It aches and you can feel it. A lot of people around can see it too. The truth is that everyone whether they love us or not are gonna hurt us. We gotta find whose worth the ache.

But you know what! It is just okay to be hurt. We are all the same..



4 thoughts on “Heartbroken? All Of Us Are!

  1. Reminds me of the cycles that we fall into and how we step out of those cycles after we’ve learned something about ourselves, like becoming someone new, different, a new person deserving of a new name. We revisit those same people over and over again in our lives until we learn that lesson and then we move forward, toward a new version of love, a new version of ourselves.

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