The Girl In Red Heels VII

I showed her the bathroom and gave her a T-shirt to wear. The bathroom was a mess so I hurriedly removed things which weren’t supposed to be there and let her in. She took a bath and washed her clothes. The girl was tired, of what happened last night or of life, I wonder.

The eyes were misty and sad, she was trying hard to smile. Trying to smile in itself is a good sign I believe. Her bag which she had refused to leave throughout the mellow drama yesterday had a notebook, pens , a bottle of perfume and tissue papers. Of course make up. I saw her emptying the bag on the sofa as she quickly took something that looked like a pencil and underlined her eyes.

Seriously girl? You were almost dead yesterday and this now. Why? To fool the world. Nobody should ever know.

“There is a problem”

“Hmm?” Now what!

“I don’t have any foot wear.”

” Yeah.. I know. You leave your footwear at places to haunt them and hurt their feet. I get it.”

She laughed. Why is she laughing it wasn’t even funny! This girl is really upset.

“You can have my sandals”

She smiled. Damn I like her smile.

“Can I leave my bag here?” It was dirty, had bloodstains, sand and a lot on it, it had seen too much last night

“Sure! ”

“How and where?”


“You needn’t worry, I’ll drive you.”


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