The Girl In Red Heels V

“Damn!!!!!!!”  I screamed, my eyes almost popping out!

“Are you out of your mind?” I felt a rush of anguish, of fear, of pain, all at the same time. I always knew there was something which was bothering her, who knew i would see her again and in a state like this. “For heaven’s sake get up!”, i saw blood dripping which gave me shivers. Almost nauseate i pulled her up walked through the small gate

“Taxi!” I yelled.

We finally got cab. I had decided i’ll take her to the small nursing home which is near my apartment, it’d be easy and there won’t be any legal problems. It was  2 a.m. as the doctor dressed her slit hand and gave me a big lecture on how this could be a whole big mess and how he almost saved me from great trouble.. He said she could be taken home, the girl was so tired she couldn’t open her eyes. By the time i took her out of the nursing home she was almost sleeping. Finally i concluded i must take her home. I am inviting a lot of unnecessary trouble, I thought.

I took her to the apartment where i stay, the watchman looked at me with surprise and disbelief. As i took her to the lift and pressed the button I felt something that i had never felt before. For an extremely sensitive person like me this wasn’t anything less than an electric shock. What if the girl misunderstands me! What if i actually fall into unending trouble.. Anyway i couldn’t leave her alone.

As i reached the door of house she fainted, her back rested on the wall next to my door as i struggled to open the door. With a lot of difficulty i lifted her, dragged her, tried to make her walk and shifted her on my bed. She was more into sleep than unconscious. I had the Saturday of my lifetime. Sleep had isolated me, i was already in a mess i couldn’t figure out and now this. I don’t know when i fell asleep on the couch  but i woke up with the unpleasant shrill of a female voice.

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