The Girl In Red Heels IV

“Wait. Isn’t it the same?!” I thought out loud. Damn! That can’t be possible! Infatuation to the level of hallucination, come on dude this isn’t your thing at all. But anyway this could be someone else’s, i thought looking at the part of my foot where it had once stamped so bad. Of course a lot of women wear red heels! “Well, never mind! ” I said as i threw the heel back to the sand in the beach.

My thoughts drifted to that girl i had once met. She was beautiful, not extraordinarily beautiful but there was something in her personality, in the way she spoke which just couldn’t be ignored. That is how corporate people are, or at least are supposed to be. People with deep eyes scare the hell out of me!

Reality check! The breeze was getting colder and i just wanted to retire to my bed. Instead of turning back i rather take the gate which is ahead and get to the road. I had walked a long way now. I looked at the sea with drowsy eyes, the water splashing and gushing. Deep things are freaky, so many secrets, so many memories people associate with this sea everyday. Wait what’s that? The other heel of the pair! Seriously?! Who had to throw such expensive heels here! Damn these rich people!!

As i was about to take a turn towards the gate I heard voices of a crying woman.. She sat there her face dug between her knees, possibly crying, fingers intertwined as if in a lot of pain. Is she that lady? Her hands look like hers. Damn or is she some witch? I don’t wanna die come one! What if she freaks out and feels i’ll harm her. There isn’t any guarantee if she’s Tatiana or not.. Well, i love her name.. A million thoughts were swirling inside my almost sleepy head. I felt giddy.

“Tatiana?” I finally decided the safest method of checking if it was her.

In a moment the woman looked at me with a jerk. It was her.

Her eyes were bloodshot, because of crying or was she on drugs, I had no clue. The kajal and mascara was all over her face, the lipstick was ruined but i barely think there was a romantic story behind it.  She looked at me with an expression i can barely explain. I had NEVER in my entire life seen a girl in such an avatar.

“Are you okay?” I asked, someone had to break the awkward silence.

She was blank. She didn’t utter a word. I. I froze. She had slit her wrist.

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