The Girl In Red Heels III

My sister’s engagement went just fine. I mean, everyone was all happy and in the ‘bit fat engagement’ mode, my cousins had all groomed up and were seen clicking pictures here and there, my sister looked beautiful in that heavy saree and bridal make-up. Make up artists from far off had been called and photographers were my sister’s creative friends who had professionally learnt photography. She wanted every moment to be recorded.

Ever since I had been away from home, i never wanted to come back. It isn’t that i wasn’t happy or that my parents weren’t loving enough. I just had cut off from all my friends, would hardly hang out with anyone, not even office colleagues. Life was perfect, i had a loving family, a job i loved doing and a good healthy lifestyle. But there was something, something that was dimming my inner light.This happened only after my graduation got completed. I had found a job i loved, this was what i always wanted to do. I had struggled all my life trying to get the best grades, i had struggled to rise out of the consuming competition of the market. Sometimes i felt i had lost myself in the race. Even after winning it i had lost the most important thing. I had lost the spark that fueled my passions.

Coming back home brought back every memory of the past. You tend to compare times, tend to compare how you were then and now. When the comparison reminds you that you’ve turned into a cold heart which doesn’t want to feel anymore, it often feels like a heavy burden on your heart.

I came back and resumed office, everyday was just the same, same old thing. But do you know what the worst part is? i didn’t want to change it either. I wanted it to stay that way. One Saturday evening i left office at 10 pm. I in general had no lagging work but there was hardly anything to do once i got back home. I decided I’ll go to a nearby beach for a stroll. I reached Juhu beach at around 11 had a tasty dinner of steaming pav bhaji and faluda. Walking on the sand with bare feet is I think the most beautiful thing to do at night. The cool sea breeze absorbed all my fatigue and the cool sand below my feet was nothing short of heaven to me. It was midnight and sounds of the busy city had now settled down. As i kept walking in this state of trance suddenly something hurt my foot. I winced. I tried to see what it was that hurt me so bad. It was a red colored sandal with a long thin heel.

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