I don’t want a female child, because..

Yes i have been trying hard to explain why having an open mind is essential to our, the country’s and the world’s overall development, then why would i ever say that i don’t want a female child!!!
Wait before you draw conclusions, maybe i could explain if you came along..

IMG_20141007_205003Because many people many a times have made me feel that way 

I grew up in a very healthy environment, but there were always things that were not meant to be done by us girls. But that didn’t make me feel offended, i accepted those as a part of my life. As i grew up from being a kid to an adolescent, things changed. Awfully.

You cannot get out of the house late because

1. Acchi ladkiyaan aisa nahi karti

2. Koi chura k le jayega

3. Rape ho jayega 

4. Duniya badi kharab hai beta. Jawan ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai

Wait wait wait. Excuse me, acchi ladkiyaan aisa nahi karti toh kaise karti hai? Am i a thing, a commodity that might get robbed? Rape, is a matter-of-fact. Jawan? From a new born to an 80 year old, who the hell is safe?


I in no way doubt how much people who tell me all this care about me. I know they don’t want me to go through bad things, that they want to save me from a world which is infinitely cruel. But till when are they gonna be with me! In day light under the morning  sun women get molested!

Have you ever met a girl who hasn’t ever been molested? Then you possibly have met a girl who has never gone outta the house, or the one who lies? Several men who pass by try to touch, we are taught to ignore. Sometimes when things are too obvious , when somebody pinches are presses hard and it aches then we cry over it for an hour, think about it for days and move on until something else comes up again.

If everyone reading this is A SAINT then who is the sinner dammit? Move on, we have to. We have to accept this world the way it is, the way it has been but till when. My grandmother says Mumbai was much safer back in her youth. If the situation has been deteriorating at an awfully exponential rate then i guess my daughter is at a risk i can barely imagine! Because i wouldn’t want her to go through these things. I don’t want her to feel ashamed that she has breasts while her brother doesn’t. My love for her wouldn’t be any less. But my fear for her safety would be the quadruple of my love for her and that i believe is the MOST PATHETIC GIFT this era has given us.

This country cannot develop if its public fears to come out of its shell and face the world. So much talent is wasted, so much potential of no use just because you couldn’t eliminate sexual desperation and sexist philosophy out of a nation which ironically prays to Goddesses, where out of 33 crore Gods which the Hindu mythology is made of, the one that resembles power is a GODDESS, is a woman. This indeed is the greatest irony which i wouldn’t have time to sob on because i shall be busy investing my tears on the fact that i wasn’t blessed with a beard.

LOL just kidding, I want a female child, i am gonna get her trained in Karate and she shall screw a lot of people, I am not getting my own female child, i am adopting one; because empowering is in a way giving an opportunity, which i certainly shall.

Daughter of a lion, was a lioness shall always be, cheers! 🙂



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