In A World Like This

With every breath that we take in, millions of things, many tiny few large are constantly changing. This world isn’t for anyone, this world is for everyone.

I grew up as a kid who loved people. I think i inherited it from daddy. I loved meeting new people, would often entertain guests that would frequently fill my house then and would always be a delight for people living in my neighborhood. I was this sensitive person who would often start weeping looking at somebody’s pain, would feel upset after hearing a sad song on my dad’s radio and would later be consoled by my father for all those things i cried on. Good heavens, i was a mess!

With this nature i had, which most of us have, it’s very easy to fall for wrong people and bearing bitter consequences. The world is a wreck.’ Why?’ how many times have you asked this question to yourself!

1. Fall of the twin towers, millions of lives got ruined. Why? For material gains. Where is justice? Why are stupid people taking the charge and innocent people getting killed!

2. When i heard about the state of Afghanistan and women over there. Why? Are they not humans? Who are we to in the name of God harass and torment his own beloved daughters? Who shall these people seek justice from?

3. When homosexuals were tortured (still are) psychologically. Oh come on, what has the state got to do with a citizen’s sexuality? How more stupid can the human race get?! We have already taken lives and destroyed and scarred families in the name of religion, gender, race. Now this! It keeps getting awful isn’t it?

The list shall never end because human stupidity has no bounds. I do not claim to be the most intelligent person alive but i surely detest the idea of people governing others’ lives on grounds varied and diversified and by using God or Country or Martyrdom as the major base for blackmail

I undoubtedly love God. Of course i do, because it was Him who was with me in my darkest hours, in times when i was alone and in despair. He is my family, He is my friend. He means the world to me. Riots in the name of religion are sheer resemblance of the fatally huge amount of ignorance that prevails in our society.

Belittling women? Come on people. As Indians we have just come to an end of a festival which celebrates the power of a female deity. Irrespective of your religion, caste or creed; it is a part of the culture of our blood to respect women, to worship them. But are we doing that. It aches my heart to remind you how you under the influence of alcohol (which is unforgivable and i count it as no excuse) hit your wife and daughters. To feel power get power, to get power work hard; hitting a creature which can’t (or feels guilty if she does) hit you back isn’t a display of your masculinity it rather resembles lack of the latter. It pains to remind you how you forced your wife to indulge into intimacy without her consent just because you feel you have a right on her, just because you feel you own her. Come on dude! Give me a break.

A degree certificate in no way certifies absence of ignorance. In fact, the truth is that maximum number of people whom i feel wronged by or whom i have seen talk absolute ignorant crap have been often doctorates and master degree holders, a few graduates and seldom an illiterate. I found the whole point of a twenty year old book surfing educational qualification of little use if it couldn’t help you being a better person.


Our fault is that we look at the world the way we are, straightforward and rationally. Here is where we meet disappointments. We cannot expect every man to be like our fathers who have loved us so much, like our uncles who have shown us new vistas in life. We cannot expect every woman to be like our grandmothers, tender and soft, gentle and caring. There are people who thrive on other people’s attention and other more evil one’s who thrive on other people’s pain.

Is there no solution? There is.

Success is the greatest revenge, so is happiness. If the world pulls you down, bounce higher. The one who made you didn’t judge you, these people don’t respect Him are not the ones expecting any goodwill from.

Love. Laugh. Stand by your opinions and thoughts. The evil shall always try to change you. Be yourself and you shall conquer every problem and tomorrow when the stories of your happiness and success shall be in the air, the scent of your smile shall certainly slap your offenders hard. Let us do our part, let Him do His



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