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Bold And Beautiful

That we are in this world because we were meant to be, even if i didn’t know who my father was i would have still been alive, would still love coffee, would still read books, love Beatles, dance, sing and of course write.


I write this post for all the bold and beautiful woman out there who not only inspire me to inculcate more gratitude but also motivate me to bring a change, to be the change. An era where i type this post and the moment I click on the publish button, this message reaches all of you with lightening speed, into your reader and (i hope) later into your hearts.

We live in a world which tries hard to go faster than the clock. Every single morning starts with the rattling of vessels, gushing water in bathroom tubs and millions of flushes being pulled every second.  Yes, life isn’t easy. We have our own issues. Pending bills, room rent is to be paid, insurance premiums, investments need renewal, school fees, electricity bill.. The list never ends and so does our desire of keeping the fight on. It’s a struggle we love to get in, every moment, all the time.

From the pani puri wala on the corner of the street to the hot shot SUV which nearly stamped your feet, everyone is fighting, striving to live, higher and fuller. But many a times we forget that we are all equals, that the one who made us made us all without being partial, that everyone has the same heart that leaps with joy and weeps in pain.

This one video i sincerely feel everyone must see

If the one who made us is our Father then why is ‘a girl’s father’ an issue of national importance. Why is a woman judged on the basis of who her father is? Why does this irrational attitude overshadow talent and humanity?

I read this wonderful article about daughters of sex workers. Painful as it is, i really hope that people understand the true aspects of our lives are being happy and spreading happiness. That we are in this world because we were meant to be, even if i didn’t know who my father was i would have still been alive, would still love coffee, would still read books, love Beatles, dance, sing and of course write.

Break the chains people. Get out of the shackles of ignorance that shoves us into darkness. The sky is dark so that we rise and shine. 


Why Music is Everything for Me?

1001 Scribbles

I happened to read a quote by Bob Marley, the famous Jamaican reggae singer cum songwriter. The quote says “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. So true to my knowledge. Music is an art which soothes the mind and body equally and takes me to a world of happiness, sadness, wistfulness and what not. The intense feeling which I get while listening to my favourite numbers are unfathomable and nothing else could replace music in my life.

I must say that probably because I have been listening to great masterpiece songs by great legends and maestros since childhood, I have this attachment towards music. As a child, I was all wondered about the runs, improvisations, the pitch, the tunes and I wanted to sing exactly like the records. In growing years, I found myself in the clutches of music and my emotions were…

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What Love Possibly Is?

I have been blessed living with people and of course my books that taught me a lot of things and gave me a better insight of life. We live in a society where if ever i stand up on stage and say the word ‘love’ I am sure of hearing a loud roar from the young audience. While every kid has to grow up to be an adolescent and later into an adult, it is the small things and values which we learn in our early years that always stay back with us, in our veins, forever.

The irony of my life is, people i have loved the most have somehow physically disappeared but have always stayed here in the warm closet of my heart where i safely preserve these delicate petals that together make what i call my life

While love is the most spoke of thing on this planet, it is an undeniable fact that it is the most underrated one. Love is not a state of mind or life, it is an emotion which stays with us.

It is love that hurts but it is love that heals.


While looking at the big things and big distractions that life often engages us with, we often tend to neglect the small delights. Love is the sparkle in your eye and love is what it takes to take this sparkle in your heart.

I have found love in the librarians heart when he often saved my favorite books whenever i wanted to re read them. In the newspaper vendors heart who often by the mere look of me coming would hand out the newspaper i was fond of. I found love in the eyes of the grocer who would be delighted to see every morning. In the eyes of the kids i taught whenever i told them how beautiful life is. It is the attachment that kindles love. And whenever we meet these people again, love is re kindled.

So don’t wait for your prince charming or the lady love. Love is right here right now. Feel it like you mean to feel it and you shall see. Love attracts love. More lovable people shall come and heal your wounds, make you feel what you always wanted to be. Because to be loved you gotta love yourself. Love is not what begins with a kiss and ends with a heartbreak. Love is what makes you feel alive, every moment all the time. Love is what helps the sun shine in your garden of life, making it blossom like the spring shall never end.

But what awfully disappoints me is the kind of insight people have got about love. If you haven’t loved, you haven’t lived at all. while the world searched and googles love and life, i find myself lucky to have found love in the first cup of morning coffee, in the smell of an old book, in the hand of an old woman, in the blessing of an elderly man.

Let us all halt for a while in he pursuit of life, for a moment, only to see

Life is more beautiful than it seems to be.

Depends on not your eyes but what your heart shall see

Open the windows of your heart and let the breeze fill every part