The Girl In Red Heels – II


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Such a turn off, I smirked as I pulled myself out of the sight of those attention seeking only to meet the most attention seeking eyes IRCTC could ever offer.

“I’m sorry I’ve been pissing you off,” she said coyly. Someone had to break the awkward silence anyway.
“Nothing like that, what makes you say that?” I blurted out unaware of what to say
“I’m sure you are aware” she laughed

The sound soothing, felt like the best thing to be done in this world is to make this lady laugh.

“So you heading to ..?”
“The last station. You?”
“My station shall arrive in the next two hours.”
“Interesting. You must be a real gutsy woman to wear these heels.” She laughed again. Heavens!
“Actually I had a function to attend back there and couldn’t just find time to change or even buy something?”

“Hmm” I nodded, “I’m actually going for my sister’s engagement I’m sorry I messed up”
“It’s absolutely fine Mr…. ”

She smiled. “Actually I’ve been quite occupied. My father’s company also runs a non profit organisation for women empowerment. I am busy with the fund raising.”
“Oh. By the way my company is looking forward to invest money in NGO.”
“Great! I can give you my contact number. You can give me a call if at all something interests you. I mean the company.”

We laughed. She wrote her number on a small piece of paper. We kept chatting for another hour. Politics, contemporary India, need for awareness, entrepreneurship, fading importance of arts.

The all formal and composed woman had a childlike enthusiasm. Having a million things to flaunt she didn’t flaunt anything at all. Not even the tips of her fingers. Even in that blazing costume she could reflect so much of serenity and peace. Even behind all the laughter and smiles and expressions, a hint of grief, a sting of sorrow could be seen in her eyes. Why would such a beautiful woman be sad? I wondered. And then it was time to say adieu.

“Anyway Mr. Zeeshan” she said as she picked up her leather bag, “Your company was a delight. Nice to meet you.” We shook hands.

“Your name?”
“Tatiana Singhal”
“Pleasure to see you Tatiana” I said waving at her. “I hope to see you soon”
Oops! What did i say!! Damn!!!!!


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