Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Ones Who Stand By Me

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.

– Henry Ford

Since we started walking, talking, knowing the world we have made friends. From the neighbors to the playgroup buddies. From the kindergarten tiny tots to the high school crazy heads. Friendship indeed has been the foundation of what we are. It is where exactly we belong to. 

Friends had always been few to a choosy person like me. Moved out of the comfort zone and moved into a new city. Where the whole world had changed, where people were different and couldn’t accept the kind of crazy i am i had been fortunate enough to find a handful of people whom i could fall back on. Whom i could laugh and sob with.

It’s been almost a year and now things have changed. I have taken a step ahead towards the kind of person i always wanted to be. While weaknesses took a backseat moving forward with all the resistance the world had to offer wasn’t easy. But when all the tides were against me. When all the mountains opposed. I had beautiful souls with me guiding me ahead through the darkness of the world.


Now it’s become easier. These people are the last thing i would want to lose. For petty reasons i can’t let go of people who have loved me so much. Yes, God has sometimes been harsh on me taking away people which i presumed shall always remain. If He isn’t interfering, i surely am not giving up. Not giving up on these guys 🙂