Apologies :D

Chaos rules our world. Alright. Correction**
Chaos rules my world. And as i go ahead in my super chaotic, crazy world, doing outright hopelessly ridiculous stuff, i realize its been long since i blogged.


A lot of reasons. No time to write. (That’s lame i know)
Pathetic internet connection (Now.. I mean this)
And a lot on my mind.

The past few months have been a real revolution in my life. Thanks to my college. I have been exposed to so many cultures, so many mindsets at the same time.

I learned a very important lesson.

We can never change what people think about us. Nor can we change what they want to think about us.

While i continued to be this girl who is on a mission to spread a lot of joy and love in the world. I had completely forgotten how blessed i am and i had forgotten that there are people who have never seen true joy. who have never felt true love. This i learned the hard way. Never mind. Better late then never.

Hence no matter how much they try to humiliate you. How much they try to pull you down. Love in your heart will heal not only you but also them

And this is what happened. Love in my heart healed. Healed their hearts too. Maybe it’s difficult for them to accept. But the truth is inevitable. Realization is the beginning of all goodwill. And the moment i understood this I’m sure God blew me a kiss from the heaven 😀
For my readers.. I miss you too. Will be back with a bang next month.. Love. Peace.


4 thoughts on “Apologies :D

  1. Yes, your blogs were missed.
    Just enjoy every bit of
    life and keep yourself away from people with negative energy.

  2. life has a way of getting in the way 🙂
    time doesn’t heal, you find that all on your own with help from Spirit’
    I wish you a wonderful road ahead in your worlds
    know you’re missed….
    Take Care You Matter….

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