A book that makes you think!

“That summer, Titanic fever gripped Kabul. People smuggled pirated copies of the film from Pakistan- sometimes in their underwear. After curfew, everyone locked their doors, turned out the lights, turned down the volume, and reaped tears for Jack and Rose and the passengers of the doomed ship. If there was electrical power, Mariam, Laila, and the children watched it too. A dozen times or more, they unearthed the TV from behind the tool-shed, late at night, with the lights out and quilts pinned over the windows.
At the Kabul River, vendors moved into the parched riverbed. Soon, from the river’s sun-baked hollows, it was possible to buy Titanic carpets, and Titanic cloth, from bolts arranged in wheelbarrows. There was Titanic deodorant, Titanic toothpaste, Titanic perfume, Titanic pakora, even Titanic burqas. A particularly persistent beggar began calling himself “Titanic Beggar.”
“Titanic City” was born.

It’s the song, they said.
No, the sea. The luxury. The ship.
It’s the sex, they whispered.
Leo, said Aziza sheepishly. It’s all about Leo.
“Everybody wants Jack,” Laila said to Mariam. “That’s what it is. Everybody wants Jack to rescue them from disaster. But there is no Jack. Jack is not coming back. Jack is dead.” 
— Khaled Hosseini (A Thousand Splendid Suns)


We keep continuing with our lives whining and cribbing about things that we don’t have, things that we were forbidden. We crib about unfaithful partners, betraying friends, roaring economic problems and much more… What we fail to realize is the fact that we have so much. If we would have been at the place of many others, the concept of faithfulness, loyalty, financial fullness would have been hopeless and worthless! This is one of the few books that can make you cry. A book which makes you think again. Which instigates gratitude in every nerve of the body.. Awestruck! 


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