The LET GO thingy!

The world is both round and small. We shall always keep bumping into people we wished we never saw again, people we never wanted to meet, people whom we had totally forgotten. Life is more masaledaar (spicy) than a Bollywood flick!

You will keep meeting the hopeless category holders again and again. Not because the Creator hates you but because He wants you to grow.

The biggest and the most difficult of all the things is ‘letting go’. It’s just five freaking letters LET GO. But is it easy to let go? to forgive?

Have you forgiven the anonymous man who stole your wallet, phone or something precious? have you forgiven the partner who cheated on you? The friend betrayed and left you at the lost moment? The dear one’s who didn’t stand for you when you needed them the most? and if you superficially did, can you face them now and be with them like nothing ever happened?


Questions not to be answered but to be contemplated! 🙂
If the sky held back all the water it got, would there be any rains? would there be any life? Of course not. Letting go doesn’t mean that the sky doesn’t have any self respect. It shows how selfless the sky is.. how more adorable the sky is! 🙂

Worth pondering, eh? 😀


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