Avoiding confrontations

Lacks tact in situation

Behind every line is a lesson here to learn

– Prettiest Friend, Jason Mraz 

All of us have done this. Because sometimes we are too scared of losing someone that we do not pay attention to our wants and wishes. Maybe because deep down somewhere we are aware of the fact that the person or the people whom we care about might not understand the depth of our relationship, maybe they don’t have the maturity to understand it or maybe they might take it the other way. We can’t tell all our friends we love them. We can’t tell all our friends we feel their care. It’s not that there is lack of tact, it’s just that we fear spoiling it. 

‘Cause in the end, all that we want is happiness. Happiness for them and for us. 

Hence all of us have this one huge box of feelings that we never confessed, that we never could reveal. You share yours i share mine! 😀


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