2014 kick-ass start!

All of us deep down in our hearts are waiting for a life changing event to occur. A promotion, an admission, a person! But we tend to forget the fact that we are the ones who are he creators of our own fate. That we ourselves can bring the change in our lives by being the change. So if i want more love in my life, i gotta be loving. If i need more care i’l have to be caring. If i want the world to see my talents i shall have to recognize them at the first place. ‘Cause God shall help those who shall help themselves and i am eager to be helped.

So the first thing we need to do is decide what we want.


Okay.. let us consider my case. I want to learn more. Be more creative and learn new things.

For this I need to be more accommodating. I need to accept the fact that i am a student. That i shall definitely make mistakes but i shall rise over them.  And also I need to

1. Be disciplined about time. : So that i don’t mess around with my current important course

2. Be patient: So that i don’t lose my mind in the middle of any task and lose it all.

3. Be humble: ‘Cause if i fail at this point, the whole process of learning becomes pointless

Now this is a list which i shall paste on the wall and looking at it shall remind me of my current priorities…

Yes, we all need to have big goals to get on big things. But we need to take small and firm steps. Getting clear about what we want is the first and the most important step!

Begin with the right attitude 🙂

@2014 I am gonna rock you kid 😀


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