Can you help?


“My sleep wasn’t peaceful, though. I have the sense of emerging from a world of dark, haunted places where I traveled alone.”
― Suzanne CollinsMockingjay

I am in a dark room.. I don’t know where i am.. there’s just a beam of light entering the room.. i guess i woke up after fainting.. my left eye hurts to an extent that i can barely open it.. i try to stand but i fail.. i am consumed.. completely.. my clothes are torn and i feel a quiver going through my veins.. who has done this to me?!! i’m asking myself. i feel like yelling… where’s mom? where’s my brother?! are they okay? who brought me here? i don’t know anything? my fingers are numb? i can’t see my hands.. i feel blood flowing drop by drop from my head.. i’m horrified… i hear the door open.. i hear the creaking noise of shoes… he is a man.. i can’t see him.. he growls at me.. he is laughing like a devil… i’m looking for god.. he tells me he has taken everything i don’t deserve.. he says i don’t deserve anything.. i feel him come near to me.. i still can’t see him.. he caught me by my hair, he is pulling my hair mercilessly and laughing… i yell… i’m yelling out of terror…

i’m yelling our of terror my heart out.. as loud as i can ever be… suddenly i feel light.. my mom.. she is trying to wake me up… it was a goddamn DREAM! unbelievable and embarrassing.. i hugged her and broke into a million tears…

What’s that made me cry?! What made me see the dream.. i’m clueless.. is it my insecurity?! is it the pain of other people in the world that i keep hearing through various media which precipitated in the worst way it could? Can you help me interpret? if yes.. please help…


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