Simplicity: Simply Stupendous

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
― Leonardo da Vinci


How complicated is it to be simple in this complex hungry world which is ever ready to consume you as a whole so that no one even realizes that you ever existed? Trust me, its not simple.. I’v met at least more than 3000 people in my ever wandering wonderful 18 years 11 months and 22 year old journey.. Among these have been people whom i ended up detesting (my bad :\) but the numbers are few.. The modus operandi in trying to understand people is different for every other person but you might meet people with greatly overlapping thoughts and we end up keeping them in our good books…

My modus operandi is so far based on mathematically rational principles (i presume) which i try to relate with my principles about God, Love and Humanity the most important ones in my life which have always given me the strength to keep driving ahead on my ‘so far so adventurous’ journey of life..

Out of all the people i have met, the most astounding trait that i have found is that of simplicity.. Simplicity is not about being bland or dull or boring as it mind first strike your mind.. Its about being what you want to be but still being grounded.. About wholeheartedly accepting the fact that we all are humans and our goal ultimately is to evolve spiritually and make our soul worth the human body which we reside in.. although there are people who have completely forgotten this goal and are involved in boasting, insulting, competing foolishly, and creating menace in everyone’s lives the former have always won my heart.. From my teacher in high school to the man i accidentally bumped into on a long journey, from my revered father (who has always been in my heart and with me in spite of being away) to this guy whom i spoke to last night (now that’s a secret :D) I have been lucky enough to meet this section of simply stupendous people ! These are the hope givers!

So glad to meet them! I’m looking forward to meet more in this category! Are you one of them?


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