Long Distances Part 1 : The Change

Change is inevitable. Things that do not change, rot. The distinguishing factor is for the good or bad…


Changes are anticipated by most and accepted by some. “You have changed a lot” is a sentence seldom used positively. Well, changes when sudden scare me, but i eventually discovered their recurring nature. Many changes undoubtedly have been painful, but some of them have given me my much awaited spice at different stages, sometimes refreshing like the morning dew and at other times mesmerizing like the full moon.

Here comes one more change, staying away from our pampered ‘Home sweet home’. Its not just about independence and freedom and ‘i-will-have-to-clean-my-own-shit’ agenda. With this freedom walks in a temporary void. Physical absence sometimes hurts, but this is the real test. When i come across people living away from their homes, i can sense the void taken up. But along with this void comes trust, the void filler and the insecurity killer. And this trust eventually makes our relationships stronger than ever and as we slowly start feeling the spiritual part of the story, we realize that ‘changes are indeed for the good’ and that ‘life would have been stinking without changes’.


One thought on “Long Distances Part 1 : The Change

  1. Change is only thing which is permanent in this little world.
    We should take changes in positive way. I am/was outside for nearly 10 years but I enjoyed every bit of it. I got chance to see different cultures.

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