The Confluence


It had already given her sleepless nights and hopeless days.She keeps forgetting it and getting reminded of it all the time.Because hiding the scars of previous wounds shall not remove the scar and re-discovering the scar shall surely give a recap of how the fresh wound was.

It is about the confluence of childhood and youth.Some sail at either sides, some at only one and some at the confluence.She is stuck at It isn’t easy to get out. Scared and scornful she knew she deserved better, left out to mourn at her destiny, she broke all chains and rose. But what she left behind was the girl in her who wanted to help her but she couldn’t. The girl yelled but the girl’s voice fell on deaf ears; oceans of tears wasted, millions of sighs in vain. All the girl wanted is someone who could hold her hand , guide her, nurture her, pamper her, the girl wanted that hand on her head which the girl never got. She tried to help her, but couldn’t and every time she is reminded of this, she loses her mind and her heart fills with the guilt of not helping the girl who was the once reflection of her own self. The girl still trapped wants to live, fly, smile. But maybe its fate that has got her there.

And because of this girl whom she left, she has always had her heart burdened, a stranger even when tries to be her friend she ends up being impulsive, repulsive. She wants to live, laugh, live in the moment. There’s no point in worrying about all the things that will not happen to her. It’s not that she needs anyone, she isn’t helpless. She just wants to apologize, she doesn’t want people to give up on her, she doesn’t want to be an outcast,she wants an opportunity, opportunity to improve…


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