We know the solution, still we end up messing! :|


” It is harder for some people to believe that God loves them than to believe that he exists”

– Basil Hume

Well, its true to a convincing extent. But what makes this true? The ignorance of the human mind? – I guess not! Its the insecurity we have been living with. Problems increase insecurities, these insecurities give rise to wrong decisions and tampered relationships. The harder the problem hits us, the higher the insecurity grows. Insecurities cripple our heart, destroy love and leave behind nothing but scars.

We all are aware of this fact. Then what makes us fall prey to this demon? The answer is lack of faith. Faith and love are deeply related and this relationship is the very reason behind the beautiful evolution of the perception of love in the human race. When faith decreases, love declines. Why me? If He loves then why does He hurt me? I never hurt those who I love, the what’s this! Well, the list of questions is never ending, but the answer is a juxtaposition : vivid and vague. Although I maybe wrong or incorrect but this is what my experience (of 18 years of my life) has shown me, that: if you believe He is there then believe that he is there for you. Ultimately the progress of our spirit and soul and NOT our material happiness and pleasures shall count at the last day. We have happiness scattered all around us and like energy comes in small packets (photons) so does happiness.

Well, its easy to write than to remember this on a rainy day. But this is what is called ‘LIFE’ where answers and questions lie in the same platter another juxtaposition : ‘easily difficult ‘ 😉 😀 :p


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