Today there are a million publishers and a billion authors writing or aspiring to write on the topics such as ‘how to succeed in your career, relationships, how to be and  effective personality, how to win hearts, etc etc…
Well, this is an increasing trend and every one who reads must have thought once at least to read a  book of such a genre….
Well all want to succeed and undeniably this is the very reason why we were born… to go ahead and succeed… but the definition of this success (which will never be precisely known until the real artist of our world {the creator} tells us) has been “GREATLY” and “DISTURBINGLY” misinterpreted and ignored….
Why are we here?!!!!
Neither to hate
nor to fight in the name of religion, cast, creed, race, sex ;
nor to hold grudges in the name of jealousy, inferiority or superiority complex;
nor to ignore people who are termed wealth-less, powerless, charmless;

We are here to LOVE damn it!!!!!!

Love makes us feel contented, successful, full of life!!

I mourn at the loss of several people who give away their lives, unable to keep up with this stupid furious race which no one shall ever win!!! Why do we have to lose our loved ones for something which in its very true sense can never make a difference, which will never really matter… Millions of people live with suicidal tendencies.. many due to diseases and most due to the bitterness that this world has filled them with! I do not advocate suicides.. nor am I a supporter of it! But i really do want the cause to be uprooted…

Spreading awareness about trees and abandoning plastics bags and reusing and recycling enough is not going to save our earth!! We desperately need to plant the seeds of love which in future shall give trees of glory and fruits of contentment, satisfaction, goodwill and brotherhood; the very essence of our lives…


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