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The Confluence


It had already given her sleepless nights and hopeless days.She keeps forgetting it and getting reminded of it all the time.Because hiding the scars of previous wounds shall not remove the scar and re-discovering the scar shall surely give a recap of how the fresh wound was.

It is about the confluence of childhood and youth.Some sail at either sides, some at only one and some at the confluence.She is stuck at It isn’t easy to get out. Scared and scornful she knew she deserved better, left out to mourn at her destiny, she broke all chains and rose. But what she left behind was the girl in her who wanted to help her but she couldn’t. The girl yelled but the girl’s voice fell on deaf ears; oceans of tears wasted, millions of sighs in vain. All the girl wanted is someone who could hold her hand , guide her, nurture her, pamper her, the girl wanted that hand on her head which the girl never got. She tried to help her, but couldn’t and every time she is reminded of this, she loses her mind and her heart fills with the guilt of not helping the girl who was the once reflection of her own self. The girl still trapped wants to live, fly, smile. But maybe its fate that has got her there.

And because of this girl whom she left, she has always had her heart burdened, a stranger even when tries to be her friend she ends up being impulsive, repulsive. She wants to live, laugh, live in the moment. There’s no point in worrying about all the things that will not happen to her. It’s not that she needs anyone, she isn’t helpless. She just wants to apologize, she doesn’t want people to give up on her, she doesn’t want to be an outcast,she wants an opportunity, opportunity to improve…



” In her passion a woman loves her lover,
In all others, all she loves is love.”
– Lord Byron

Yes you are in love

His presence makes you sane
His smile drives you insane
When near, your breathe rushes in a sway
When not around, it just fades away
Then yes, you are in love

Anything he speaks just makes you smile
You want him to stay, at least for a while
You are never free always occupied
By his thoughts; which you cannot hide
Then yes, you are in love

You feel you are getting prettier day by day
All about him is what you have to say
You love him around no matter what
In him you cannot find a single fault
Then yes, you are in love

Every-time when he compliment, you go scarlet
The night’s filled with light and all starlets
The smell in its faintest form delights
You relate with him everything, each thing in you sight
Then yes, you are in love

Love Of My Love


Life  of  my life , I shall ever try to keep my body pure, knowing that thy lining touch is upon all my limbs.

I shall ever try to keep all untruths out from my thoughts, knowing that thou art that truth which has kindled the light of reason in my mind.

i shall ever try to drive all evils away from my heart and keep my love in flower, knowing that thou hast thy seat in the inmost shrine of my heart.

And shall be my endeavor to reveal thee in my actions, knowing it is thy power gives me strength to act.

– Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

What i see :

Captivating as it is, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore has succeeded in touching hearts from generation to generation and his thoughts, whenever read have created a stir in my mind. His philosophy is not new to us but the truths buried deep in our soul are brought out in one of the most articulate ways and the truthfulness of these verses and enchanting and sometimes disturbing.

The way he addresses god as ‘life of my life’, the very first four words not only touch the heart but hold it firmly. Unaware of what he means, this address could be to the power that gives us power, the strength that gives us strength. He promises to keep himself pure, away            from all untruths as he accepts the omnipresence of the universal energy that makes the world what it is. He promises to keep his love untouched by all evil motives and believes that He lives in our heart and we need to keep it pure, as he calls his heart his shrine. He not only states that it is Him who gives him strength but also in his own way preaches to take a righteous path in life..

If i have to address Gurudev i would call him ‘Love of my Love’ for sure!

We know the solution, still we end up messing! :|


” It is harder for some people to believe that God loves them than to believe that he exists”

– Basil Hume

Well, its true to a convincing extent. But what makes this true? The ignorance of the human mind? – I guess not! Its the insecurity we have been living with. Problems increase insecurities, these insecurities give rise to wrong decisions and tampered relationships. The harder the problem hits us, the higher the insecurity grows. Insecurities cripple our heart, destroy love and leave behind nothing but scars.

We all are aware of this fact. Then what makes us fall prey to this demon? The answer is lack of faith. Faith and love are deeply related and this relationship is the very reason behind the beautiful evolution of the perception of love in the human race. When faith decreases, love declines. Why me? If He loves then why does He hurt me? I never hurt those who I love, the what’s this! Well, the list of questions is never ending, but the answer is a juxtaposition : vivid and vague. Although I maybe wrong or incorrect but this is what my experience (of 18 years of my life) has shown me, that: if you believe He is there then believe that he is there for you. Ultimately the progress of our spirit and soul and NOT our material happiness and pleasures shall count at the last day. We have happiness scattered all around us and like energy comes in small packets (photons) so does happiness.

Well, its easy to write than to remember this on a rainy day. But this is what is called ‘LIFE’ where answers and questions lie in the same platter another juxtaposition : ‘easily difficult ‘ 😉 😀 :p

Belated But I Mean It!!


For your birthday which i can only wish belated..
You have taught us and proved it that neither time nor the distances between us can ever change anything in our relationship
You are a father figure, you motivate us to keep going
You appreciate when needed , criticize when required
You are more like a friend and less like an uncle
You are someone on whom we can rely on!
This is what makes your birthday special! This day gave us the sweetest gift it could have! You might be precious for yourself but i love you!
Belated (sorry) Happy Birthday!



Today there are a million publishers and a billion authors writing or aspiring to write on the topics such as ‘how to succeed in your career, relationships, how to be and  effective personality, how to win hearts, etc etc…
Well, this is an increasing trend and every one who reads must have thought once at least to read a  book of such a genre….
Well all want to succeed and undeniably this is the very reason why we were born… to go ahead and succeed… but the definition of this success (which will never be precisely known until the real artist of our world {the creator} tells us) has been “GREATLY” and “DISTURBINGLY” misinterpreted and ignored….
Why are we here?!!!!
Neither to hate
nor to fight in the name of religion, cast, creed, race, sex ;
nor to hold grudges in the name of jealousy, inferiority or superiority complex;
nor to ignore people who are termed wealth-less, powerless, charmless;

We are here to LOVE damn it!!!!!!

Love makes us feel contented, successful, full of life!!

I mourn at the loss of several people who give away their lives, unable to keep up with this stupid furious race which no one shall ever win!!! Why do we have to lose our loved ones for something which in its very true sense can never make a difference, which will never really matter… Millions of people live with suicidal tendencies.. many due to diseases and most due to the bitterness that this world has filled them with! I do not advocate suicides.. nor am I a supporter of it! But i really do want the cause to be uprooted…

Spreading awareness about trees and abandoning plastics bags and reusing and recycling enough is not going to save our earth!! We desperately need to plant the seeds of love which in future shall give trees of glory and fruits of contentment, satisfaction, goodwill and brotherhood; the very essence of our lives…

My city in rains


The time has come when my city (the city where i was born – MUMBAI) is ready to welcome the monsoon rains!! It so happened that i woke up from my short uneventful nap in the evening only to see the canvas of our world colored in one of its most magnificent ways! Ahhh…  I lost my heart to this maestro.. the king of all arts! The moment i came into the veranda i see children of our building smiling , laughing, jumping in excitement welcoming the love of our childhood! the RAINY SEASON!

But let me tell you.. there are people hating my love because they find it “tacky,messy, irritating”
for these fools i feel really sorry! It’s ironical to know that people of mature ages behave in such a naive way and fail to  understand the importance and beauty of this natural phenomenon whose very essence is the reason for life on our blue planet! and children who are so naive (supposedly) are sweet enough to acknowledge the importance of this life giving fluid!!

What are drops? Do you know what they mean?
You live with them, they live in every scene
They are around always and everywhere
A million times you see the, about them you care

The glittering one’s in the eyes of a mother
Whose son won accolades from the world that bothers
The bulky one’s in the eyes of a wife
Whose husband is going on the border for a strife

The cute one’s in the eyes of a daughter
Whose father bought her a surprise gift
The sweet one’s in the eyes of a sister
Whose brother for her, with this friends took a rift

The heavy one’s in the eyes of a farmer
Whose son took a house as a gift of his father’s retirement
The sulking and guilty one’s in the eyes of a partner
Whose boy was ready to accept her after all the betrayal and harassment

The small drops that speak a lot
When they leave a trail on our cheek
Sometimes sad or happy or nostalgic when you are caught
A very important place in us they seek

But the best one’ are the drops from the heaven
They wash our eyes, our soul, our heart
Can you count the? one two six or seven? 😀
The least of them gives us a hope, a new start

Don’t hide in your houses or under some shade
Come out of the shell and feel them
Slowly seeping in the pores, before goodbye they bade
Get drenched like the weeds. the flowers and the stem

They will go in you and tickle you soul
Thy will ask you to get up and let you fly
And if you listen to them you’ll reach your goal
And then listen to your heart that wants to get high
get high for the drops… the drops from the heaven……